EconCon 2020 will feature keynote addresses, plenary panels for all conference registrants, and smaller breakout sessions that facilitate deeper engagement and conversation on specialized topics. We are currently in the process of lining up a phenomenal group of speakers and presenters and trainers from diverse backgrounds who share the common goal of building an economy that works for all of us. Speakers will include members of Congress, visionary thinkers, leading activists, policy experts, movement leaders and celebrities who are lending their voice and their life’s work to our shared progressive economic worldview.

Breakout sessions will focus on shifting the public conversation beyond neoliberalism, how progressives can think and talk about balancing public and private power, how to win people over with an inclusive progressive agenda, and more. Sessions will include (full list coming soon):

  • “It’s January 2021, now what?: The day one economic agenda.”
  • “Organizing to defeat corporate power: lessons from recent victories.”
  • “Should progressives focus on identity or the economy? Yes!!: Rejecting false choices to build a strong and multiracial post-neoliberal economy.”
  • “A debate we can win: How to engage people around a new economic paradigm.”
  • “Moving from the next quarter to the next century: How short-termism is jeopardizing our economy and our climate and what we can do to stop it.”
  • “Race, power and the economy.”


EconCon 2020 is a movement-wide convening that brings together organizers, campaign professionals, researchers, experts, communicators, and advocates from across the country and the movement. Attendees will build connections, discuss pressing issues of the day, plan for the future, and learn how to fit a wide range of policy debates into a coherent progressive economic worldview. Together, and by using every channel available, will we be able to advance an economic vision that delivers shared, sustainable growth and true prosperity for all.