Financial Support

EconCon 2020 Financial Aid Guidance

Please read the information below carefully before indicating interest in financial aid. You must apply for financial aid  prior to registering. 

In an effort to help offset costs associated with attending, EconCon 2020 is offering financial aid to interested attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis via application.

Who Qualifies for Financial Aid?

Any individual who plans to attend EconCon 2020 and is in need of financial assistance is eligible to receive financial aid. In order to provide financial aid to as many attendees as possible, we ask that only individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend EconCon 2020 apply for financial aid.

What Financial Aid Can Cover

Financial Aid can be used to help offset costs of the following travel expenses:

  • Registration fees for EconCon 2020
  • Hotel Room Reservation at the conference hotel, the Marriott Wardman Park. Note: if your award package includes assistance with hotel payment, EconCon 2020 will directly submit the cost of one room night to go towards your final hotel bill and you will be responsible for paying the balance upon checking out.
  • Travel to EconCon 2020, via air or rail.

What Financial Aid Will Not Cover

Financial aid will not cover the cost of parking or mileage for travel to or from the conference or any other related expenses not specified in the previous section. Reimbursements for those unable to attend the conference will not be issued for any reason. 

How to Request Financial Aid

Financial aid resources are limited so we encourage attendees to request funds as soon as possible. Financial aid must be requested before you register for EconCon 2020. In order to request financial aid complete this formYou will be notified of your financial aid status within 5 business days. 

Financial Aid Approval Process & Receiving Funds

If awarded financial aid, you will receive a confirmation/award letter indicating the awarded aid within 5 business days. This letter will contain guidance on accessing your award. Award packages may contain any combination of the items listed below:

    1. Discounted/complimentary registration. 
    2. Complimentary hotel room night(s) at EconCon 2020 host hotel. Please note that funds for hotel accommodations will be sent directly to the hotel to cover applicable room and tax but will not cover any incidentals.
    3. Travel to and from Washington, DC via air or rail. Awardees will receive custom guidance for booking travel via our travel booking system. We are unable to reimburse for travel not booked through our internal system.

Upon receiving confirmation of your award package, you will be asked to complete the following:

    1. Confirm and accept your package.
    2. Complete your conference registration.
    3. Book any applicable travel.

Please note that registration and travel booking for EconCon 2020 using awarded aid must be finalized by March 4th, 2020.

Canceling Your Financial Aid or Failure to Attend the Summit

If you are unable to attend the conference for any reason you must cancel your registration as soon as possible to ensure that financial aid resources can be re-allocated to other attendees. Barring medical or personal/family emergencies, those who have requested and used financial aid, but did not attend and did not cancel will be asked to reimburse EconCon 2020 for the total amount of their financial aid award.


If you have any questions about financial aid, please reach out to