We are putting the finishing touches on a list of incredible sessions for you to choose from in March 2020. Until then, here’s a quick look at the schedule so you can plan accordingly. 

Thursday, March 26th

Time Event

8:30-9:30am Breakfast & Registration

9:30-10:30am Welcome & Keynote Address by Senator Sherrod Brown

10:30-10:45am Break

10:45-11:45am Plenary Session: A Conversation with Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom

11:45-1:15pm Lunch

1:15-2:25pm Breakout Session 1A: Should progressives focus on identity or the economy? Rejecting false choices to build a strong and multiracial post-neoliberal economy

1:15-2:25pm Breakout Session 1B: Winning the Economic Debate in Trump’s Administration

1:15-2:25pm Breakout Session 1C: Why Rural America Needs to be on the 2020 Agenda

1:15-2:25pm Breakout Session 1D: A New Vision for Government Assistance Programs—From Safety Net to Inclusive Foundation for All Families

2:40-3:40pm Keynote Address by Representative Chuy Garcia

3:40-3:55pm Break

3:55-5:05pm Breakout Session 2A: It’s January 2021, now what? The day one economic agenda

3:55-5:05pm Breakout Session 2B: Institutional Racism, Corporate Capture, and Public Policy: Building informal power to hold government accountable

3:55-5:05pm Breakout Session 2C: Measuring Prosperity in the Age of Inequality

3:55-5:05pm Breakout Session 2D: Beyond the Safety Net: Deploying public spending power to structure markets

5:15-6:45pm Happy Hour & Reception

Friday, March 27th

Time Event

8:30-9:30am Breakfast & Registration

9:30-10:30am Opening Plenary: The Ascendant Progressive Economic Worldview

10:30-10:45pm Break

10:45-11:55am Breakout Session 3A: Moving from the Next Quarter to the Next Century: How short-termism is jeopardizing our economy and our climate and what we can do to stop it

10:45-11:55am Breakout Session 3B: Worker Power and Democratic Power: The importance of unions and worker organizations in accomplishing both

10:45-11:55am Breakout Session 3C: Philanthropic Strategies Toward Moving the Economic Paradigm

10:45-11:55am Breakout Session 3D: Organizing for our Economic Future: Campaigns that challenge racial capitalism

10:45-11:55am Breakout Session 3E: The Myth of Free Trade: Why a new approach to trade is needed

10:45-11:55am Breakout Session 3F: The Economics of Taxation

11:55-1:25pm Lunch

1:25-2:35pm Breakout Session 4A: Organizing to Defeat Corporate Power: Lessons from recent victories

1:25-2:35pm Breakout Session 4B: Race, Power, and the Economy*

1:25-2:35pm Breakout Session 4C: How Inequality is Destroying our Democracy and How Tax Policy Will Help Save It

1:25-2:35pm Breakout Session 4D: Four Case Studies of Pushing Back Against the Neoliberal Narrative: Robots, Racism, the Minimum Wage, and Unions

2:50-4:00pm Breakout Session 5A: Right Direction or Wrong Track?: What voters actually think about the economy and how progressives can win them over

2:50-4:00pm Breakout Session 5B: Everything you Learned in Econ 101 is Wrong: TheEconCon crash course in how the economy really work

2:50-4:00pm Breakout Session 5C: Why Anti-Monopoly Work Should Be Core to the Progressive Movement

2:50-4:00pm Breakout Session 5D: Big Victories, Smaller Scale: Winning Bold Economic Justice Fights in States and Cities

2:50-4:00pm Breakout Session 5D: Uncovering the Hidden Hand of Wall Street Behind Everything You Love

4:15-5:15pm Closing Keynote: Councilwoman Helen Gym